Reputation Management and Social Media Analysis

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NABA360 will

NABA360 will tell you what people, particularly influencer say about your organization, products and services Identify the products and service that appeal to your customers and alert you of related hashtags, analyse and follow them, then decide whether to ride the wave or take action

Analyse how your marketing campaigns have gone! have you invested in the right place? Did it work? NABA360 is differentiated with its powerful Arabic & English sentinet analysis service that reached an accuracy of 95%

NABA360 will tell you how your social media marketing plans are progressing, simply create a post or tweet and listen to the feedback

NABA360 will monitor your competitors and measure your campaign effectiveness on social media, monitor competitor's follower growth, overall sentiment, top tweets and posts, share of voice, average engagement, market share on SM, interaction frequency with interactive analysis charts.

NABA360 will alert you whenever your compatitors start a new campaign.


Tell NABA360 what you are looking for and the service will retrieve all tweets, posts and news articles

related to your organization, its products and services around the clock. It is that simple!

Analyze Tweets & Posts

As tweets and posts are retrieved, NABA360 performs immediate analysis and displays the results on demand. Trends and analysis can be performed at the organization level, product or service level.

Competitive Analysis, compare:

1. Followers and their growth rate
2. Sentiment and assess trend
3. Top posts and tweets
4. Up to four profiles simultaneously
5. Engagement rates
6. Share of voice
7. Interactions and efficiency
8. Instant alerts of new campaigns
9. Performance per channel per competitor

Artificial Intelligence

NABA360 has hit the 96% sentiment analysis accuracy mark in both Arabic and English aided by the impelementation of proprietry Machine Learning algorithms, this means that tweets, comments & articles are evaluated upon arrival, thus making analysis possible at the organization, products or services level for any period of time with an accuracy of 96%.
NABA360 analyses English, Arabic, Emojis, stickers and local dialects.

Dynamic Dashboards

Simply drag and drop the element into the display area for immediate results. Change the period or use filters for more in-depth analysis. Generate executive reports.

Create multiple dashboards for large subscriptions

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